Introduction of events and activities that will be held around the Odawara area, such as the "Town Walk"


Rediscover the city's charms!
Take a town-walk through Odawara!

- The Japan Highlight tour Forum is Being Held in Odawara -

What's the Japan Highlight tour Forum?

"Highlight tour" is a trend that has been gaining momentum in recent years.
The Japan Highlight tour Forum is a new movement in town-walking; a national convention where town-walking guides from as far north as Hokkaido, to as far south as Okinawa, come together to exchange information.
The First Japan Highlight tour Forum was held in 2011 at Nagasaki, with the following installments being held across the country in Hirosaki, Kitakyushu, Nagasaki, and Fukushima. Each year has been filled with excitement.
And now the 6th installment of the Japan Highlight tour Forum will be held March, 2019 in Odawara!

A step beyond the usual scenery.
The three highlights of town-walking. The more you learn, the more you'll want to see.

What is "Town-Walking"? How is it any different from everyday scenery?
Read on for the answer to these questions, as well as a primer on the charms of town-walking in Odawara.

1. Having fun while learning!

The greatest pleasure to be had while Highlight tour is the amount of new things you'll learn. Highlight tour guides are experts who know everything there is to know about a city, from the regional history to notable local shops. The knowledge shared by guides bring participants closer to the town they are seeing.

A pre-program workshop is also being held in Odawara for The Japan Highlight tour Forum in Odawara, which will help guides further expand their Highlight tour knowledge to deliver an even better experience.
Increase your level of enjoyment by learning new things. The knowledge you gain during their experience is one of the biggest draws of Highlight tour.

2. The people you meet become irreplaceable memories

Meeting new people is bound to happen when Highlight tour. This opportunity isn't limited to just the guides and other participants, it will also include the shop employees you encounter.
Odawara's Highlight tour events have also included tours of shops where employees talk about their history and products.
Highlight tour offers a chance to experience the joy of meeting new people and having personal exchanges with them, rarities in the increasingly impersonal modern world.

3. You'll definitely want to go again!

The more you learn about the city, the greater your appetite for knowledge will become.
You'll find yourself wanting to speak with that shop attendant again.
And next time, you'll want to bring someone along and introduce them to the city.

This feeling of wanting to go again is another one of town-walking's highlights.
A single walk through the city can mark the beginning of new memories.
A wide variety of Highlight tour courses are held in Odawara; from ones that tour the shopping districts and Odawara Castle, to historical courses and ones that travel along the Itabashi irrigation waterway. It might be worth it to try out a variety of different courses as well!

Information about the Japan Town-Walking Forum in Odawara

The Sixth Japan Highlight tour Forum in Odawara will be held from March 1-3, 2019.
In addition to the Forum beginning on the 2nd, a festival will be held on the night of the 1st, as well as a night walk through the post station town of Odawara!